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E-Business Web Suite - Quoting, Processing and Customer Satisfaction

NOVEMBER 20 2003

PKA Technologies of Suffern, New York hired RustyBrick to develop a suite of e-business tools for its company. The e-business tools will enable PKA to streamline its internal business processes, provide PKA's customers with the toolset they require, and allow PKA to manage its costs and revenue through real-time reporting. The Web application will allow PKA to streamline its internal business processes through the integration of PKA's accounting and contact management system with the Web-base quoting system. The quoting system will walk the PKA sales representatives through a pre-defined quote submission process. The key was to eliminate duplicate steps currently required with the manual process and to track the submission and retrieval of quotes in order to close a deal as soon as possible. In addition, the PKA customers can view account history and quote information, as well as generate requests for quotes all by themselves. A critical component to the system is the data that will be captured throughout each point in the process. This data can later be analyzed to help locate bottlenecks and inefficiencies and reduce costs.

About PKA Technologies:
PKA Technologies, Inc. has been supplying IT technology products and services to Fortune 500 companies since 1985. PKA Technologies specialize in providing the next generation of network servers, Enterprise SAN and NAS storage, wireless, hybrid, and handheld technologies that are indispensable to growing businesses. The PKA employees have certified working knowledge of many operating systems includes Microsoft Windows NT/2000 and XP, OpenVMS, HP-UX, Tru64UNIX, AIX, Linux, and Novell. Application relationships and successful implementations include SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, QAD, SAS, Unidata, and Datatel.

For more information on PKA Technologies, please visit http://www.pkatech.com/.

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