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Where's Barry In Q4 2010


I do these posts every now and then and figured it's a good time to post an update. In a period of about two and a half months, I will be on 5 round-trip flights and four or five conferences. Where to exactly?

SMX East October 4-6:

This one is local for me, so no flight...

Frozen Coke

AUGUST 27, 2010

This morning, we opened the fridge to find a Diet Coke that blew up. The fridge is on the fritz, it is freezing things even though we turned up the temperature. So last night, this can of coke froze, and cleanly took off the top of the can. I've never seen this happen before...

Selichos in iPhone Siddur

AUGUST 25, 2010

Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner and that means many are saying or will be saying Selichos daily/nightly. I am happy to say that we were able to get Selichos for Ashkenaz users, by partnering with Davka. The Selichos is Minhag Lita and is available in version 4.7 of the iPhone Siddur...

English Edut Mizrach

AUGUST 25, 2010

I am excited to announce that we now have english translation available for Nusach Edut Mizrach. It has been a long wait, first came English Ashkenaz iPhone Siddur, then English Sefard Siddur and now we have finally introduced English for Nusach Edut Mizrach. This is available in version 4.7 of the iPhone...

SphinnCon Israel 2011

AUGUST 25, 2010

I am so happy to be able to help bring back the informal Search Marketing Expo event back to Israel. The event is named SphinnCon and it is the largest SEO/SEM focused Israel-based conference. You can register right now for only $75...

Rabbi Tendler Visit

AUGUST 24, 2010

We have had our share of Rabbis stop by the office before but I wanted to tell you about a recent quick visit by Rabbi Moshe Tendler...

Programmers Have It Easy?

AUGUST 20, 2010

A few days ago a client made a joke about software/web development companies (i.e. us?). It was generally along the lines of “they just charge you for work that other people already have done...

More Space

AUGUST 16, 2010

I am excited to announce we may have a temporary solution for our lack of space problem here in the office.

Our office neighbors are willing to lend us two of their offices and use of their conference room until our lease is up. By then, we should know better what we want to do and would have more...

Free Microcell & Money

AUGUST 10, 2010

As many of you know, I have five bars in the office due to purchasing a MicroCell for the office. It works well, has some sporadic issues here and there, but overall, we are all happy with it.

Then Alex had to one-up me by getting a free MicroCell from AT&T...

iPhone Users Dominate Us

AUGUST 10, 2010

I was checking our stats today and was curious what type of user base is using mobile devices to view our site...

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