Excel Diamonds, established in 1978, will be offering the best selection and specials on wedding rings, diamond rings, and engagement rings on their new Web site. The online specials and exclusive diamond & jewelry deals are available at their website, www.ExcelDiamonds.com. The diamond web site was built like many of our other e-commerce sites; search engine friendly, high-usability intent, easy checkout process and extremely easy to maintain from the backend. The site sports many of the advanced features such as a very detailed promotional code system, email marketing module, advanced & search friendly filtering options, and much more. We will continue to monitor and improve the site based on historical conversion metrics. The Excel Diamond Web site stands out from the rest; it is a true diamond in the rough.

In addition, we did a complete redesign for Excel Diamond's corporate Web site, SuperbCert.com. The site had fairly good rankings for specific keywords, we used mod_rewrite and other techniques to ensure that those previous rankings stuck. Besides for the search rankings, we used high definition flash technology and CSS to give the site a elegant and professional feel.

In pursuit of the owner's goal of educating the diamond industry, we helped them set up a new Weblog named Diamond Vues. You can already find many rich and informative articles by experts in the diamond field. The blog is powered by MovableType technology, one of the most widely used blog platforms available today.

About Excel Diamonds Excel Diamonds is a family oriented business with a commitment to old world values. The Company uses the latest technology to let customers see loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and other accessories online. Excel Diamonds offers full quantitative and qualitative documentation on every one of their listed SUPERBcert® diamonds as well as actual digital pictures, which have garnered praise from hundreds of satisfied customers who have greatly appreciated the superb level of service, attention, information, and value they have received from the Excel Diamonds staff, in all of their purchases.

Please also check out Excel Diamonds most recent press release named Wedding Rings, Diamond Rings, and Engagement Rings are on Sale for Valentineís Day Gifts at Excel Diamonds.

For more information, visit www.exceldiamonds.com.
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Diamonds are becoming quite popular with mens collection too.

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Now their legs are shaking so they decide they need to do more research and do it in a friendlier environment. They head home, turn on the computer, and start searching online for clues on how to survive the diamond buying process. Their goal is to find a pretty ring their girlfriend will like and have a few dollars left in their pocket. They feel more comfortable with the discussions of the four C's (color, clarity, carat weight and cut) where they can match up those letter grades with their budget to find some possible options. However, with a little knowledge comes the sinking feeling that there is a whole lot more for them to learn in order to protect themselves from making an expensive mistake. They become even more determined not to make a mistake so they spend the next weeks and months gathering ever fact and opinion they can find on diamond buying. It is almost like trying to get a drink from a fire hydrant. There is just too much to drink in.

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