RustyBrick is part of the Google Glass Explorers project and has started developing Google Glass Apps since the Glass Mirror API release to developers in 2013.  In 2013, we were under contract to build Glass Apps for several online media publishers, as well as independent companies. RustyBrick has designed several hundred mobile applications in the categories of gaming, business software, dating, charity, religion, promotion and marketing. You may of heard of some of our apps or our client apps from sources such as TechCrunch, CNN, BBC Radio, Fox News or even the Apple iTunes Store's top applications list. We have designed mobile applications for clients such as MTV, Comedy Central and even ourselves.

The Glass Mirror API is a new and exciting development environment that will change how consumers consume content and information. 

Glass can 'WOW' your audience, but also gives you a way to communicate and interact with them as well. For more about how you can leverage this hot, new and fun technology, call us at 845-369-6869.

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