Some of us at RustyBrickAt RustyBrick, it is not just about building great technology and beautiful web designs - it is about creating a place where you can grow your skills, while growing your future.

Our motto is that happy coders, make happy code, which results in happy clients. But the same motto works for all our departments; development, design and marketing. The work culture at RustyBrick is very relaxed and enjoyable, but that does not mean the jobs are not demanding. Our projects range from advanced e-commerce systems and social networking sites to web-based back office workflow solutions and mobile applications. The flexibility given during project development and design is key to the employees success on creating a complete and outstanding final product. Sharing in that success gives a sense of ownership and pride in the outcome.

Life at RustyBrick is fun, pressure-free and at the same time challenging. Employees not only are friends at work but hang out after hours and on the weekends to play poker, video games, share in celebrations and more. The team is more than just a job, it is a form of extended family.

Employee Benefits:

  • Many Health Coverage Options
  • Company Backed 401(k)
  • Very Rewarding Year-End Bonus Plan
  • Flexible Vacation, Holiday & Sick Days
  • Free Drinks and Snacks
  • Stress-Free Work Environment
  • Fun & Enjoyable Co-Workers
  • Honest & Friendly Company Management

Job Openings

Join us today - you won't be disappointed with the diversity of work and the company culture.