RustyBrick has been developing Android apps since the time Google announced the Android App Market. We have been designing and distributing applications for customers and for internal projects for years using Google's Mobile Operating System. In a year, RustyBrick has designed hundreds of mobile applications in the categories of gaming, business software, dating, charity, religion, promotion and marketing. You may of heard of some of our apps or our client apps from sources such as TechCrunch, CNN, BBC Radio, Fox News or even the Apple iTunes Store's top applications list. We have designed Android applications for clients such as MTV, Comedy Central and even ourselves.

The Android is a wonderful, flexible and fun platform to develop on and is even a better platform to distribute your idea through. The Android market is growing at rapid speeds and Android supported devices are arguably outpacing iPhone sales.

Android apps not only allow you to 'WOW' your audience, but also gives you a way to communicate and interact with them as well. For more about how you can leverage this hot, new and fun technology, call us at 845-369-6869.

Check out RustyBrick's Android Apps today or call us about your ideas.

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