There are dozens of iPhone Flashlights on the market, all of those were designed for the iPhone 3GS or prior. We designed a new iPhone Flashlight named the iPhone 4 Flashlight that was specifically designed for the iPhone 4.

What is special about the iPhone 4? The iPhone 4 has a built-in LED flash for the camera. We are utilizing the LED flash to provide a true light source to power a true flashlight.

Here are Off and On Pictures:

iPhone 4 Flashlight

iPhone 4 Flashlight

Here is a video demo:

As you can see, this is a real flashlight app for the iPhone. For more information, see the iPhone 4 Flashlight page.

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Why they have app, instead of inbuilt...

posted by Ronnie Schwartz on: Jun 30, 2010 08:27pm

Unfortunately the LED's were so bright I will be taking a break from programming for the rest of the week! Truth is I thought it would be harder to hack the phone to get the LED to respond.

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This one is pretty cool too (and free): Flash Torch

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