Online Education, an Online University & College information resource, contracted RustyBrick to build out its campus offerings section. Through the use of United States university database solutions, we have built out a campus finding solution to better help the end user locate the University of choice. The campus section enables users to navigate directly by state, city or zip to the University of choice. By leveraging this data source, we were able to provide zip code lookups for the closest University within proximity of a set radius of a zip code. In addition, we have deployed an easy to use search function to locate Universities even when you do not the full or correct spelling of the school name. The campus section allows students to navigate down to specific states such as Texas Colleges & Universities, or by city such as Miami, Florida Colleges & Universities, degree program, or by a specific college.

In addition to improved on-site navigational elements, the site was designed with usability in mind as well as to compete in the organic search results in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines. Off-site (search enabled) navigation to Universities is an important aspect of the business. By developing a user-friendly navigation process with search engine friendliness in mind, we were able to leverage the best of both worlds.

About since 2001 has been connecting students to education worldwide in a variety of areas including online degree programs, training courses, and specialized licensing and continuing education courses. Online Education offers students over 600+ online courses available in its online course catalog in a wide variety of workforce and professional development training areas. Online Education has remained a powerful tool for students worldwide to find education available to them in there area or online. Its own database of over 2,200 accredited public and private colleges and universities in the United States is offered free of charge for students searching for quality post secondary campus based institutions. The companies slogan is žany student, any timeÓ and remains to be a prime focus in the work the company does by offering free assistance over email and phone for students needing direction to start their education. In addition they offers performance based marketing services to educational clients needing to reach a wider audience in a specific area. For more information on, please visit

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