Get Sefirat HaOmer for iPhone!

Count the Omer (Sefirat HaOmer - ספירת העומר) with the aid of this iPhone app. The application will show you the correct day to say, including the brachot before and after the specific day. The counting of the Omer is conducted by Jewish people between the holidays of Pesach/Passover and Shavuot.

The prayer should be said after nightfall, typically about thirty minutes after sundown or following the Maariv prayer.

This application will send you daily push notification reminders for 99 cents per year.

We hope you enjoy this free app from RustyBrick. Be sure to check out our other apps at

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posted by on: Jul 24, 2012 09:22am

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posted by nss613 on: Apr 4, 2013 02:41am

I purchased the reminders for this year but it's not sending me notifications. I have the latest version.

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Apr 4, 2013 02:42am

Make sure you didn't disable push notifications in settings.

posted by נחמן on: Apr 8, 2013 07:22pm

יש דרך שהאפליקציה כול יום ישלח לי הודעה אם ספרתי

posted by Ronnie Schwartz on: Apr 17, 2011 10:37pm

When paid for, it will alert you during the 49 days of the omer.

posted by David Tarlow on: Apr 20, 2011 06:33pm

It is now well into the 2nd night of the omer and the software is still saying it is day 1 I live in Israel At the monment it is a waste of money!!

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Apr 21, 2011 01:32am

Really, can you try again?

posted by Leonard on: Apr 17, 2011 05:52am

Where is Omer reminder?

posted by mbhaliach on: Apr 12, 2012 03:28am

I purchased the $0.99 reminder, but it hasn't been sending me any messages...any help would be appreciated!

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Apr 12, 2012 05:49am

Check to make sure you have push notifications on.

posted by Gf on: Apr 25, 2012 07:42pm

Difficult to read on ipad 1 : text too small (lechem yroud).

posted by NJklutz on: Apr 25, 2012 07:55pm

Why should I re-buy it, I should only have to pay once.  BTW it finally works on my iphone.  Can I get this to work on my Ipad too so that I don't have to buy it twice.  Right now it looks as if I would need to purchase it again for my ipad, that doesnt' sound right. Thanks and happy counting

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Apr 25, 2012 07:57pm

It shouldn't cost you again if you bought it on the iPhone already.

posted by NJklutz on: Apr 25, 2012 09:00pm

 I did finally get it to work,  Why would you think I should rebuy it?  I only pay for things once. On a related topic if I have an Ipad and Iphone can I get the notification on each without buying it twice?

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Apr 25, 2012 09:02pm

It would not charge you again if you bought it already.

posted by NJklutz on: Apr 16, 2012 01:26pm

 I am having the same problem.  Just checked and notifications are on.  What is wrong with this progrem

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Apr 16, 2012 01:27pm

Maybe try rebuying it? I know it works.

posted by Gordon Berkley on: May 17, 2011 12:19pm

 SImilar problem. Also in Israel (shouldn't matter!), Tuesday 17-May, 3pm, should be showing 28 days, however is showing 29 days.  Very confusing!

posted by Barry Schwartz on: May 17, 2011 12:19pm

Did you download the latest update?