5,000,000 YouTube Views

5 Million YouTube RustyBrick ViewsThe RustyBrick YouTube Channel has surpassed 5 million views on YouTube after 5 years of being on YouTube. I think there is a special club or something for reaching 5 million views.

We have about 800 videos on the channel, most related to my weekly search video recaps, which I have been producing since March 2008. The videos with the most views are not all search related, in fact, about half of those 5 million views is from this iPhone Popcorn trick video I made in horrible quality in July 2007. The rest are mostly search and Google related.

5 Million YouTube RustyBrick Views

Here are some stats on the video channel. Please note, YouTube didn't always report on every stat, so some are missing over certain time frames. You can tell, by looking at the charts next to the raw count:

5 Million YouTube RustyBrick Views

I guess the number of views didn't catch up yet with the channel count?

5 Million YouTube RustyBrick Views

5 Million YouTube RustyBrick Views

Thanks for watching!

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