Kosher Free iPhone App I am happy to announce that we have released, in conjunction with, a free version of the Kosher iPhone app. The free version has all of the same features of the paid version but is supported by ads.

If you would like to find kosher resturants in your area and not have to pay for the app, then you got it. You can download it for free by clicking here.

If you want to remove the ads, then simply buy the paid version for a one time fee. To buy the paid version click here and buy it on iTunes.

Kosher Free for iPhone Includes:

  • Kosher Restaurants Database
  • Kosher Symbols Database
  • Finds restaurants by distance or keyword
  • Filter restaurants by metro area, price, style and more
  • Map View with meat and dairy markers
  • Score View for Augmented Reality view
  • Add/Edit/Delete Restaurants
  • Add Reviews
  • Sort kosher restaurants by nearest, name, rating and price
  • Add kosher restaurants to your "favorites" list
  • Get benching and other food related prayers within the app
  • Oh, and ads...

We hope you like the app and feel free to give us feedback!

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posted by Ned on: Dec 21, 2010 03:30pm

Just tried it on a wifi only iPad. Database only lists two restaurants for all of Long Island. Location functionality doesn't seem to work since my iPad doesn't have a gps built in.

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Dec 21, 2010 03:42pm

Is the wifi you are on serve out the location, if not, there is no way for us to know where you are. So you'd have to type in a location into a search box.

posted by Ned on: Dec 21, 2010 04:27pm

yes, i agree with that. I tried typing in my location and then saw that most of the Shamash db appears to be missing.

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Dec 21, 2010 04:28pm

What did you type in exactly?

posted by Ned on: Dec 21, 2010 04:33pm

First I tried typing in Long Island. When that didn't seem to get good results, I erased what I typed and tried to set a filter on New York - Long Island. That returned only 2 restaurants. I then cleared all filters and just scrolled through the restaurants displayed. It seems that there are very few restaurants (maybe 100) that have loaded. I tried deleting and reinstalling the App from the App Store, but the results were exactly the same. I thought maybe it had to do with the location not being automatically found via my Wifi connection. That's when I sent my first post to you. thanks, and also thanks for the amazingly quick replies!

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Dec 21, 2010 04:36pm

Weird, I see. We will investigate. Thanks for reporting this.

posted by honeyjew on: Jan 28, 2011 05:41am

my app keeps quitting on me for some reason... :(

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Jan 28, 2011 11:04am

Try this

posted by Dlifs on: Jan 21, 2011 11:01am

App is unable to find my location in NYC?!. So I get restaurants in (?) Israel, etc. Can you fix this?

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Jan 21, 2011 11:05am

What type of device do you have?

posted by Dlifs on: Feb 6, 2011 09:08pm

I think you are disingenuous about the Kosher Free App. . I don't believe you ever tried the app eg inManhattan and tried entering any location. I entered Manhattan, and it shut down. I entered NYC, and it showed, New York, NY, USA, but no restaurants. I entered NYC and it shut down. You are full of hot air Barry. It is very frustrating to have other Jews put something as useful as this out without doing an honest effort to make it work. Shame on you. You have said you will look into this a month ago. How many complaints do you need before you will fix it or tell everyone it is bogus?

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Feb 6, 2011 09:40pm

Can you be nice? I just tried it myself and it worked fine. Make sure the "by location" sub tab is selected when you enter NYC. If you need help using the FREE app, call the number on our web site tomorrow during 9-5 EST. If you can also be nice, it would be appreciated.

posted by Dlifs on: Feb 8, 2011 01:34am

Sure, I can be nice. But this is my third request in 3 months. The subtab location is selected. I type in (on a one year old I pod touch) NY and do get New York, NY but no restaurants and no map. Just a name otr two on the banner on top. Then it says "Location Services unavailable"(after the New York, NY disappears from the space. Touching dairy or meat pins does nothing. I did download Chabad Connect, and the map there pops up with no problem. Given all the complaints listed above, I believe there is a problem that may be outside of your home/office area. The fact that you get it to work is meaningless if the customers are unable to do so. I apologise for being rude...but it would be nice if you wrote like like you took the complaints seriously, and not as cavalierly as you seem to be doing.

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Feb 8, 2011 01:38am

I'll share these added details with my team but feel free to call the office tomorrow during business hours so we can help you.

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Feb 8, 2011 03:20am

Okay, you specifically clicked no when the app asked if we can use your location. We need to be allowed to know your location when you open the app. Since you disallowed it, it won't work. Go to settings and enable it please.