Why I Get So Many Job Offers

linkedin-logoRecruiters or head hunters play a large role in most industries, especially Information Technology. The last few times I have looked for a new job recruiters have played a large role, even I didn't realize it at first. Many listings on popular job websites, such as Monster.com or CareerBuilder.com, are actually recruiters posting information on the positions that they are trying to fill. That's how I ended up at RustyBrick. One of the first resume's that I sent out landed in the inbox of Arthur Kaye, Sr. Vice President at Concepts in Staffing. He then talked to me and worked as a middle man, and eventually landed me here at RustyBrick.

Since I have been at RustyBrick, and in the Greater New York City Area according to LinkedIn (I live roughly 40 miles from NYC), I have continued to receive calls and emails from recruiters. I never really thought about how many calls I got or how many more I got than other coworkers, but recently it seems that the amount of calls has increased even more. On an average week I would say I get between 3-5 calls from recruiters wanting to talk to me about opportunities, mainly in New York City.

RustyBrick is still growing and hiring, and we are always looking for ways to find more good programers to join our team, i.e. iPhone Hire Me App, so recently Barry was searching on LinkedIn looking for some possible candidates for interviews. Barry did a simple search for PHP and stumbled upon the reason why I have received so many calls. I currently rank number 1 on LinkedIn for PHP! 


Out of 246,413 results, I rank number 1!! -- Just a quick note the searching on LinkedIn seems to be a little bit random, so if you switch things back and forth, like your location filter, you may not see the same results.


Prior to a couple of days a go I was not number 1 on the overall search, but I was on the first page of the United States results. 


So why does my profile rank so well? Well we don't really know exactly what LinkedIn is looking at during their search, but we can take some guesses based on what is in my profile and the search of "PHP"

The term PHP is on my profile 6 times, mainly my Title, Specialties, and work experience:



So it would seem that your title, specialities and work experience are very important, but I would also guess some standar SEO rules would apply, such as the time the page has been around. I created this profile back in the early stages of LinkedIn so it has had plenty of time to be ranked by any of their algorithms. 

As I mentioned before I was not ranked as well a couple of days ago, so what did I change? I simply added an image to the account, the same one that can be found over on Our Team page (what a good looking company), and added my Twitter account @jmancusi, both of which upped the percent complete of my LinkedIn Profile, so that also may play a role in the search. 

Sorry I am unable to provide you with more information on the subject, but hopefully this can help you get ranked a little better, because if you don't work for a fantastic company like I do, you may want those 5 calls per week.... or you could just come work for us? :)


P.S. Adding an image to my account also lead to this conversation... just thought I would share it with you :)

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posted by Glen Cathey on: Nov 20, 2010 02:30pm

Jimmy, Nice post! I noticed from your screenshots that you had your results sorted by relevance. Relevance for LinkedIn is determined by a mix of network relationship (1st, 2nd, 3rd, group, and none) and keyword relevance. When I run a simple PHP search sorting by relevance, you appear as result #10 in the New York area of 8,947 (we're 2nd degree connections, btw). I did not find you in the top 100 results globally. When I switch the sorting of the results to "keywords" so that the search results would not be affected by my connection to you on LinkedIn, you come up #18 out of 8,947 in the New York area, and again, I could not find you in the top 100 globally. Although not #1, both rankings sorted by relevance and by keyword are still strong for the New York area considering the nearly 9,000 total results available. But I have to tell you that there is a lot more going on with regard to LinkedIn's relevance ranking system. A good start would be to check out the article I recently wrote on the subject: http://www.booleanblackbelt.com/2010/11/linkedin-profile-search-engine-optimization-seo/ If you make any strategic changes to your LinkedIn profile, I'd be happy to check in from time to time to see if your profile moves up the ranks from my search perspective, now that we have a baseline. Regards, Glen Cathey

posted by Jimmy Mancusi on: Jul 12, 2010 12:54pm

I agree with both of you. I don't even see the same results all the time without changing anything, and I am sure your network has something to do with it. So I suppose that accepting the invites of all those recruiters will help your ranking even more, since you get added to their network of recruiters.

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posted by Barry Schwartz on: Jul 9, 2010 04:08pm

Not smiling! ;-/

posted by Jimmy Mancusi on: Jul 9, 2010 05:20pm

Under your contact settings you can choose what you want to be contacted about, but I do not have anything selected in the new job area. Recruiters cold call you no matter what.

posted by tamar on: Jul 9, 2010 08:53pm

I was looking you on IM but couldn't find you. :) I'm not sure this article is accurate. I did a basic search and you came up #3 for PHP. Two 2nd level connections came up in the #1 and #2 spot. Keep in mind that LinkedIn search finds people *in your network only* by name. Anyone more than 3 levels down would be listed as "job_title at company name." And those people will NEVER show up #1. What I've gathered from LinkedIn is that: 1. It uses a version of personalized search. 2. People in my main network will show up before people in my extended (after 3rd) network. Just to address the one thing that I expect to come up: I didn't switch anything around and did not use location filters. I just did a basic "PHP" search. I'm sure you'll rank highly on most searches within your network, but not everyone sees what you're seeing.

posted by Barry Schwartz on: Jul 9, 2010 09:01pm

Tamar is right and at the same time, not 100% right. LinkedIn results are not consistent even for the same person searching...But here is their official info on people search ranking http://learn.linkedin.com/linkedin-search/#adva... It says on sorting results: "Organize your results by clicking on the “Sort by” link on the top of the results to sort by: Relevance (the most relevant match based on your keywords and network are shown first), Relationships (First degree, second degree and groups are shown first in that order), and Relationship+Recommendations (the closest match that is one of your connections and has the most recommendations) and Keyword (the best match based solely on your query)."

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