Where's Barry In Q2 2010

I wrote one of these posts in Q3 2009, so I figured I'd let all my billions of fans (kidding) know where to find me in and around the second quarter of 2010.

SphinnCon Israel : March 7
SphinnCon Israel

Earlier this month, you missed me already, I was in Israel hosting SphinnCon Israel. The conference was a huge success and I am so happy to be a part of it. Unfortunately, running this show and having a family obligation in the area, I had to miss one of my favorite conferences, SMX West. But no regrets!

SES NY : March 23 - 25
Search Engine Strategies New York 2010

Search Engine Strategies is next week, this coming Tuesday. I will be there for the full three days. I won't be staying late, because I want to head home each night but I will be at the event and in the sessions. I will be helping cover, in live blogging format, 41 sessions from the event. So if you love search, you do want to check that out.

Market Saint Louis : April 1

Market St Louis

Then I am off to Saint Louis, where my wife grew up. I am keynoting for the show there. It turns out, I will be at my in-laws for the Passover holiday and the day after Passover, is the conference. So I am staying an extra day to speak there. If you are in the mid-west, come by and hang out. It should be fun.

Search & Social Summit : May 3 & 4
Search and Social Summit

I am then headed to the Search and Social Summit headed up by Loren Baker and friends. This it out in Tampa, Florida, where the weather is either raining or perfect. It has been a long time since I was in Florida, even longer since I have been in Tampa. So it will be nice to get some exposure out there again and hang with the Floridians. Plus, I get to learn some about search and social media.

SMX Advanced : June 8 & 9
SMX Advanced

Then I go up and west to Seattle for one of the best search conferences out there. SMX Advanced is a fun and educational conference. I hear a large percentage of the tickets are already sold out, and we are about three months away to the event. So if you are on that side of the coast or wherever, look into this event - you won't regret going.

So that is my confirmed conference plans for the ~ second quarter of 2010. Hope to see you at all or some of these events!

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