RustyCar License Plates

rustycar plateThe other day, I received and installed my new license plates. I wanted to show them off and introduce to you the "RustyCar."

I ordered them about 6 weeks ago and couldn't wait to add them to our RustyBrick license plate frames. The day has come! Check out the pictures below...

Why did I get them?

(1) When I got my new car (via Twitter), I didn't get the new plate design. I like the ugly plates and really wanted them.

(2) I was searching for what was available on the DMV web site. RustyBrick is too long, although I use to have RSTYBRK or something like that. RustyCar fit and sounds just find and geeky enough for me.

Without further-ado, the pictures of the RustyCar plates:

RustyCar Plates

RustyCar Plates

What you think? I am a big dork or this is geeky enough to be somewhat funny?

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posted by SimoneIcough on: Jul 14, 2010 01:58pm

Yeah you are geeky enough to be funny, I do not blame you at all! When I lived in the UK I always had a cherished number but sadly Spain do not offer groovy plates so we just have crap numbers I love it and think it suits you Rusty ;) Simone

posted by new balance on: Jul 17, 2010 07:03am

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