We're Moving

RustyBrick is Moving

About ten years ago, RustyBrick moved into the offices we are in today. You can see some pictures of the office in 2002 and with me without a goatee. On Monday, July 2nd we will be in a new office space. A space that is more fitting for the company culture and that can fit a lot more of us geeks.

Throughout the years we looked for ways to make more space out of the same space. I temporarily moved into the conference room but that solution was a bit too crammed to feel comfortable. Then we finally were able to break through and add more rooms but the layout was very awkward. To get to one office, you had to walk through someone else's office.

Our new space is very open, has lots more room. Gives a dedicated space for a kitchen area, a lounge/planning area, reception area, a nice side conference room, additional offices and the whole thing is all windows. Everything looks open and spacious.

Please update your records to reflect our new mailing address; 250 West Nyack Road, Suite 200, West Nyack, NY 10994.

I tried to make our suite 256 but I was shot down by the building owner.

Here is a rough layout of the new space, note, the bottom and right side are all windows:

New RustyBrick Layout

Alex went to the office and captured a 3D panoramic image of the office. It didn't come out great and yes, they are still working on the space (I hope it is done by Sunday). Here it is:

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I wish I knew more about prayers in our religion, because if I did, I would ask a Rabbi to bless this space! Perhaps a donation of a division of Chai will work? Who the heck am I? I am the one who hates to read and loves your work. Aaa Relax, I am harmless, however, I am a Professional Business to Business telemarketer. You specialize in a field, where I figure, for sure, I am not going to represent ever! Wait please, A womans prerogative is to change her mind. Well I think where Rusty Brick is concerned I have changed mine. So, before I rudely pitch my company to you, on your web site. Suffice to say the offices are fantastic! the space represents where really nice people work and do business. Congratulations! Best of Mazel Always! Judy Barr!

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Mazel Tov. I couldn't figure out where you were cramming all your new hires.

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