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All of Tanach on Your iPhone


Tanach (תנ"ך) on your iPhoneWe did it! We made a complete Tanach for your iPhone. You can read all of Tanach, directly on your iPhone. But not only that, you can also search it! I posted the details at rustybrick.com/iphone/tanach, and you can sign up there to be notified of when it goes live (or to download it directly when it does go live).

Here is a screen by screen demo:

Browse through the Tanach, including Torah (Chumash), Nevi'im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (writing or scriptures) and all the books within them:

Tanach (תנ"ך) on your iPhone

Search for specific words or phrases of Tanach:

Search Torah on iPhone

Email or Bookmark verses by clicking on a verse:

Search Tanach on iPhone

Here is the bookmarks page:

Ketuvim (כתובים, "Writings") for iPhone

Here is a look at the text, this Megillah of Esther:

Nevi'im (נביאים, "Prophets) for iPhone

Here is viewing the book of Bereshit (בראשית) by parsha view:

תורה for iPhone

Here is the same book but by chapter view:

Torah Chumash for iPhone

We put the "settings" feature in the app, so you can adjust your font size:

Tanach for iPhone

So happy that the Hebrew iPhone Email was approved, cause that gave us the go ahead to build the Tanach iPhone App.

Again, to download it go to rustybrick.com/iphone/tanach.

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