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Google Glass: How Do I...

Google Glass: How Do I...

Here at RustyBrick, we love building out new technology to help improve lives. One concept we came up with is to implement the ability to teach anyone, anything, anywhere and at any time via Google Glass. Imagine you want to learn how to change the oil in your car or how to fix a leaky faucet. Wouldn't it be cool to download that data into your brain and know how to do it within minutes?

A concept out of the movie The Matrix? You bet it! This Glass app is based off that concept. First, let me show you how it works on The Matrix:

With this Glass app, there is no pain. You don't have to plug a cord into the back of your neck. You just need to put your Google Glass device on and ask it to teach you.

Here is the video concept of how this works:

Using the Glass Mirror API, you can ask Google Glass any how to related question and be given a number of how to videos on YouTube, with clear and detailed walk throughs on how to do that yourself. Be it changing the oil in your car or flying an airplane - there are how to videos on all of that. By streaming that data and information to your eye, we can almost achieve neo-like fast learning via Google Glass.

This is just an other glimpse into the potential of wearing technology and how it can impact your daily life. Also, check out JewGlass on how Google Glass can be used to improve those who observe the Jewish way of life. For more details, email us at glass@rustybrick.com.


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