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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting

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Search engine optimization (SEO)
is the process of designing, writing, coding, programming, and scripting your entire Web site so that there is a good chance that your Web pages will appear at the top of search engine queries for your selected keywords. RustyBrick uses proven and ethical search engine optimization (SEO) to rank your Web site at the top positions for your specific keyword phrases. All the techniques used by RustyBrick to design and develop web sites are done in a search engine friendly manner.  RustyBrick prides itself in building modern dynamic web sites that are incredibly favorable by search engines.

RustyBrick employees are all knowledgeable in all search engine optimization techniques providing our clients with a completely optimized site from day one. Not only are RustyBrick employee's equipped with the skills to perform search engine optimization and search engine placement techniques, the company's President, Barry Schwartz is one of the leading individuals in the Search Engine Marketing industry.  To learn more about Barry, see his bio over here.

SEO Consulting
Barry does provide hourly one-on-one SEO strategy consultations both in-person and over the phone to SEO consultants only.  Barry's hourly consulting rate is $400 per hour.  You can book Barry for one-hour blocks at a time.  The consults can be done over the phone, in-person, over Skype, Google Hangout or even email or instant messenger. Please call contact us toll free at 877-GO-RUSTY or via or contact us page to learn how we can help your pages rank well for your keywords of choice.

Barry Schwartz from RustyBrick does NOT however provide SEO consulting services, including:

  • Detailed Site Reviews
  • Content Development
  • Link building
  • or ongoing SEO services

Is $400 per hour worth it?  Here are what some clients have said:

Barry has been an outstanding resource for me. I've consulted with him over the phone on many technical SEO issues and posed countless questions to him. For every one of those questions, I've received Barry's personal attention and he always follows up on our discussions to make sure my issues have been resolved. I think this shows just how passionate he is about his work. There's no doubt in my mind that Barry Schwartz is one of the top SEO minds out there today.
  Roi Alon, CEO, Revolution Web

My Web Writers creates content for top 500, Internet retailers. When one of our clients started slipping in their SERPS we felt the problem was technical and not related to the content; but, we really needed an expert in everything SEO tech to verify this conclusion. Partnering with Barry Schwartz at RustyBrick for an hour of consultation, with our clients in the room, was well worth the investment. He uncovered code, speed, and linking snags, while demonstrating tools he uses to monitor these issues. His experience as an industry leader was evident and he was collectively honest and tactful, while infusing stakeholders with encouragement. I’d certainly recommend his SEO consulting services to Internet retailers, search engine optimization firms, and content creation companies searching for fresh perspectives and advanced SEO help.
  Jean Bansemer, CEO, My Web Writers

Barry is to-the-point and a quick responder. His solutions were clear and garnered fantastic results. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.
  Chaz, Owner,

Even tough I only had 1 hour with Barry, I still learned a lot about where my clients website was heading and discovered some of the issues that could be affecting the website, e.g. Barry showed us where our traffic had fallen which we would of missed ourselves. The result was that I knew what needed to be done next. In addition, there was some validation of my own thoughts and speaking to someone who is established in SEO helps give confidence that we are tackling SEO in the right way. Thanks!
  Bippon Kalia, Owner, Powder White

We experienced one SEO disaster after another over the last few years and learned a lot the hard way. But when traffic plummeted by nearly 50% in the spring of 2013, we knew we needed an expert to help get us on the right track. Barry was our first choice due to his reputation in the search industry, and the value that he provided during our first one hour consult was worth much more than $400. Based on his research and advice we are much more confident going forward and will without question be scheduling future consults.
  Debbie Davis, Recovery First, Inc


RustyBrick Does Not Offer Standard SEO Services: Read Below for More Information;

RustyBrick will only provide search engine optimization when we can rebuild and control the Web site that you want optimized. The reason we have this philosophy is because we only want to work with clients that trust us with managing the complete Web site. A "complete Web site" is everything from (1) Site Visibility, (2) Site Usability and Conversions, (3) Web Analytics & Metrics, (4) Back Office Management, (5) and more advanced Web based integrations. Why? We simply want to focus on building Web sites the right way, the first time. We will not and do not "fix" Web sites. Instead, we build Web sites that work the way they should from day one.

If you are looking for SEO Companies that we recommend, please contact us with your requirements and we will recommend a qualified 3rd party company to service you.

For more information on our search engine optimization, please contact us at 877-GO-RUSTY or 845-369-6869 or via email at our contact page.

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