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Distance Education Branding

Distance Education Branding Main Portfolio Image

Distance Education came to us with a specific goal: to help users through the daunting process of finding education online. As a long time client the latest version of the website was a refresh of the look and navigation. The new design is cleaner, easier to navigation and brighter. Right from the home page you can quickly find methods to navigate and browse the various online degrees, or reviews of universities and or read some of the latest news and articles on online education.

You can search and browse through thousands of accredited colleges and degrees. You can use the ask a question section to get responses on education from an expert. You can read online reviews of colleges from real students and graduates. You can also dive into the huge library of content on colleges and careers in their article database. Plus add in the new section for careers and military programs, and this may be the most robust online education site on the internet.

The site also features a login area where you can share reviews, post articles, ask or answer questions and much more.

Distance Education Branding

Distance Education Branding

Elect & Connect Branding

Elect  Connect Branding Main Portfolio Image

Elect & Connect is a mobile app platform that enables politicians, candidates and elected officials, to create a mobile app that helps them reach and 'connect' with their constituents.

The software RustyBrick designed for Elect & Connect is four-fold:

(1) Marketing web site
(2) Candidate/Official portal to manage the app
(3) The native mobile apps for iOS devices and Android devices. Where each candidate publishes their own unique and custom app to the respective app stores.
(4) Administrative portal to manage the candidates apps, content, sign ups and billing features.

The software does everything from marketing the service, billing the political campaign for the service, building the native custom apps and controlling the content within the apps. The app features include:

  • • Control messaging without interference or competition
  • • Aggregate all of your social media and network feeds
  • • Seamlessly integrate traditional and new media sources
  • • Build custom tools and collect data relevant to your mission
  • • Subscription based ownership allows for flexibility and expansion

Elect  Connect Branding

Elect  Connect Branding

Gallery Atlantic

Gallery Atlantic Main Portfolio Image

Gallery Atlantic is a marketplace for jewelry designers that features high end product with a social flare. Blogs, videos, guides and commerce, all at one site.

RustyBrick's designers worked with Gallery Atlantic's existing identity to build upon their previous work. The refresh focused on positioning Gallery Atlantic as a high end purveyor of jewelry. It also focused on providing media channels, as a way to connect with customers, which were emerging at the time.

The logo was also refreshed and updated to give it a more modern sensibility, while keeping the same recognizable icon that Gallery Atlantic had established.

Gallery Atlantic

Gallery Atlantic

Gallery Atlantic

Jewish Ad Network

Jewish Ad Network Main Portfolio Image

The Jewish Ad Network required a logo and website to project their main mission: supply a platform for targeting ads within the Jewish Community.

The logo reflects this by displaying a Star of David, separated into several fragments. These fragments represent the different facets of the Jewish Community, and shows how the ads will reach within the community.

The website incorporates the same ideals, with a dandelion theme representing the spread of ads across the Jewish Community. The design is slick and clean, and easily conveys the message at hand.

Jewish Ad Network

Jewish Ad Network

Jewish Radio

Jewish Radio Main Portfolio Image

Jewish Radio is an app that allows users to listen to dozens of free Jewish Internet radio stations on their iOS devices. The music and talk radio channels stream directly via cellular network or WiFi. Users can even "scan" through the available Jewish and Israeli channels anywhere there is a connection.

RustyBrick designed both the visuals for the app and the logo. The logo is based around the simple concept of the Star of David, a longtime symbol of Judaism, emitting radio signals. This is at the core of Jewish Radio's functionality. The rest of the design is a clean and crisp app design that closely follows the color scheme of the logo, thus extending the brand identity.

Jewish Radio

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