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Date Code Genie Enterprise

Date Code Genie Enterprise Main Portfolio Image

Food preparation requires time and energy and is an important part of any kitchen. Not only do you have to make sure the right ingredients are prepared, you also need to know which to use first.

The Date Code Genie's goal is to ensure consistent food prep and use in the proper order. RustyBrick worked closely with the client to create custom web software that allows for users to accurately track their food prep via android tablet. This minimize's waste with accurate dates and times which in turn reduces labor hours. The software includes many features such as the ability to take notes and print custom labels, which save time and money.

Creating the system required the implementation of a real-time backend that could interface between each component. Users of the software will be inputting many tickets a day, and also creating custom fields. All of this required specific care and detail to make the system fast and easy to use.

Date Code Genie Enterprise

Date Code Genie Enterprise

Date Code Genie Enterprise

Date Code Genie Enterprise

Elect & Connect Enterprise

Elect  Connect Enterprise Main Portfolio Image

Elect & Connect is a mobile app platform that enables politicians, candidates and elected officials, to create a mobile app that helps them reach and 'connect' with their constituents.

The software RustyBrick designed for Elect & Connect is four-fold:

(1) Marketing web site
(2) Candidate/Official portal to manage the app
(3) The native mobile apps for iOS devices and Android devices. Where each candidate publishes their own unique and custom app to the respective app stores.
(4) Administrative portal to manage the candidates apps, content, sign ups and billing features.

The software does everything from marketing the service, billing the political campaign for the service, building the native custom apps and controlling the content within the apps. The app features include:

  • • Control messaging without interference or competition
  • • Aggregate all of your social media and network feeds
  • • Seamlessly integrate traditional and new media sources
  • • Build custom tools and collect data relevant to your mission
  • • Subscription based ownership allows for flexibility and expansion

Elect  Connect Enterprise

Elect  Connect Enterprise

Elect  Connect Enterprise

Emergency Medical Associates (EMA)

Emergency Medical Associates EMA Main Portfolio Image

Practicing medicine is not as profitable as it once was, especially when it is within the emergency room. EMA worked with RustyBrick to design web and mobile tools to streamline the operations of the ER department.

This included physician scheduling, patient billing, clinical documentation, physician time keeping, patient satisfaction and much more. RustyBrick handled this by providing robust technology solutions backed by complex database management. The results lead to higher patient and physician satisfaction, lowered costs and higher billing rates for the hospitals and physicians.

Emergency Medical Associates EMA

International Awards Group (IAG)

International Awards Group IAG Main Portfolio Image

International Awards Group (IAG) is an organization that puts on international advertising and marketing competitions, as well as international television, film and radio program competitions. RustyBrick works on several of these competitions including New York Festivals, Midas Awards and The Global Awards.

Each award show consists of voting by several respected judges within each category. The judges use an iPad app which is synced up with video and imagery that is displayed in the same room. This required RustyBrick to provide a backend to control a large database of over 1,200 unique entries, all of which need to be voted on simultaneously.

When IAG came to RustyBrick as a client they were looking for solutions to improve the stability and functionality of their voting system. We built upon IAG's existing app and backend to improve both of these aspects. Stability is important in the case of IAG as the competitions and voting run in real time. RustyBrick has worked with IAG for years on these competitions, improving the system with every year.

International Awards Group IAG

International Awards Group IAG

Midpoint - Book Sales & Distribution

Midpoint  Book Sales  Distribution Main Portfolio Image

Midpoint Trade Books is a full service book distribution company based out of New York. They represent many small or independent publishers, and help them with the distribution of their books and inventory. Midpoint performs the warehouse duties that are typically too expensive or strenuous for small publishers. They essentially aggregate many small publishers into the entity that is Midpoint, which in turn makes their clients more attractive and accessible to large retailers.

Midpoint came to RustyBrick looking for solutions to handle their large inventory and manual database entry problems. Keeping track of data was time consuming, inaccurate and often not up to date. We constructed a custom web application for them to track their inventory and warehouse data. The result was a much more accurate and easy to use system, allowing them to better serve their large number of publishers. Their publishers are now able to track the movement of shipments and inventory quickly and accurately.

Midpoint  Book Sales  Distribution

Midpoint  Book Sales  Distribution

Midpoint  Book Sales  Distribution

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