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Google Glass Eye Exam App

Google Glass Eye Exam App
Google Glass Eye Exam App

The Glass App will test your vision and score you on how well you see through your "glass eye," which is your right eye. Google Glass let's you currently only see through your right eye, so it is only able to test that eye. That being said, this is not an official test by an eye doctor, rather it should be used mostly for entertainment purposes.

The app leverages the the Google Apps Mirror API, along with voice controls and a Snellen chart (i.e. eye chart) mechanism to test your eye sight. Instead of the Snellen chart, we use the E chart, also known as the tumbling E chart and ask you if it is pointing up, down, left or right.

For those who have Google Glass, you can try it yourself by going to the Google Glass Eye Exam at EZContacts.com and clicking "connect to glass" at the top right. Then you will see a start screen pushed to your Glass timeline. Read the instructions and go on to start the game.

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