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Artscroll & RustyBrick To Create ArtScroll Schottenstein Talmud App

FEBRUARY 29 2012

Artscroll / RustyBrick Talmud App Suffern, New York - Monday night, at the Mesorah Dinner, Artscroll announced the "ArtScroll Digital Library." We at RustyBrick are responsible for designing and developing the application software for mobile devices including the Apple iPad & iPhone. We are honored to be working with the premier publisher and seller of Jewish books, Artscroll, to build out this app.

First, we will be starting with the ArtScroll Schottenstein Talmud. The ArtScroll Schottenstein Talmud will revolutionize how the Jewish world learns and studies the Talmud. By combining Artscroll's mastery of design, layout and content with our technical prowess, this application will change the world of Jewish study forever.

Some of the features include:

  • Page Syncing
  • Place Tracking
  • Extra Hand
  • Page Fusion
  • Hybrid Page
  • Floating Translation
  • Quick Scroll
  • Integrated Notes
  • Page Mapping
  • Color Coding
  • Show It To Me
  • Find It For Me
  • Advanced Search
  • Daf Yomi Map
  • Daf Yomi Calendar
  • Automatic Delivery
  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Resizable Text
  • Notes
  • iPhone, iPad Support

Here is a video demo of what to expect in July 2012.

If you are having issues with the video, Click Here

About Artscroll
ArtScroll is the official imprint of Mesorah Publications. Based in Brooklyn NY, the company has grown from one small book, a dedicatory printing of Megillas Esther in 1976, to over 1,000 titles in stock today. ArtScroll publishes scholarly and popular works for the Jewish world from a Torah observant perspective. ArtScroll is best known for publishing the monumental, 15-year, 73-volume Schottenstein Edition of the Babylonian Talmud.

About RustyBrick, Inc.
RustyBrick is a New York Web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales. RustyBrick's Web services include; Web page design, Web development, logo design, e-commerce, mobile Web development, iPhone development, search engine optimization and more. Since 1994, RustyBrick has been creating Web software for businesses and organizations of all kinds.

RustyBrick designs premier iPhone & mobile applications for the Jewish market. They also work with clients such as MTV, Harper HarperCollins, Comedy Central, Harvard University and many more. RustyBrick also designed the most popular Siddur for the iPhone at http://rustybrick.com/siddur and has some of the most popular Jewish apps at http://rustybrick.com/iphone.

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