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Artscroll App Now Available For iPhone & iPod Touch

JANUARY 18 2013

ArtScroll Digital Library App IconFive months ago the Artscroll iPad App was introduced in the iTunes App market. Today, we are excited to announce that the iPhone and iPod Touch universal version is available for download. You can download the app for free over here.

The iPhone / iPod Touch version has all the same features as the iPad version but is designed to work on a smaller screen. It is a great way to catch up on the daf or prepare for your shiur while waiting in an elevator, taking a cab or between mincha and maariv in shul. Those who have downloaded the iPad version will automatically be able to get the iPhone version as well. It is the same iOS app, but smart enough to detect the device running the app and adjusts the user interface based on the device being an iPad versus and iPhone or iPod Touch.

Whatever content you've purchased should automatically be downloaded to the iPhone versus and visa versa by clicking on the restore button within the app. All the content should sync over right into the Artscroll Digital Library.

In addition to the iPhone / iPod Touch upgrade, we've made several additional upgrades to the app. They include:

  • Daf Yomi Shiur Locator
  • HyperLinks on the Vilna PDF Pages
  • Download All Volumes With a Single Click
  • Speed Improvements on the Vilna Popovers
  • Ability to turn off hyperlinks to speed up Popovers
  • Database Management options
  • Speed improvements with Search indexing
  • Expand the popover by double tapping on it or using the Quickscroll
  • & Dozens of additional enhancements


Fixes in This Version:

  • Popovers Slow When adding volumes
  • Search delay every time content updated
  • Footnotes not appearing as popups
  • Crashing of Quick Navigator
  • Fixes to restore all Daf Yomi Subscription Content
  • Sync at Startup blocking Search
  • Time Out issues
  • Quickscroll not highlighting in Free Flow text
  • QuickScroll not highlighting Commentaries when it changes page
  • Losing History when Force Quitting the app
  • Reset History
  • Stop Duplicates from Search index
  • Search Index only indexes new content added


Don't forget, you can download it for free over here. Here are some screen shots of the iPhone & iPod Touch version:

Artscroll Main iPhone  

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