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Business Licenses Online Making Business Forms Easy

FEBRUARY 15 2006

After months of development, we have released an updated version of the Business Licenses Web site. BusinessLicenses.com enables businesses operating within the U.S. to perform their required license and permit application filing needs with ease - online! You can search and browse for any business license or permit a typical business needs in order to perform their federal, state, county and municipal legal and tax requirements. After locating your forms, you can create an account to auto-fill out your information and calculations on the fly. The forms can be saved in a template form for reuse over and over again. Business Licenses even allows you to submit the forms online or print them directly from your computer. Finally, all of your submitted and drafted forms can be saved online for easy and organized archiving of your important documents.

Technically we had to use many advanced Web based and PDF based technologies. We tapped into dozens of different PDF features and technologies including; FDF/XFDF, PDF Forms, PDFLib Blocks, conversion of PDF to JPEG for preview illustrations of the forms, conversion form any format to PDF, and dynamic compilation of PDF's for back office fulfillment. In addition to the PDF technologies, we deployed various optimization and security tactics throughout the site. Yes, we also did deploy a lot of AJAX code all through the site.

Visit Business Licenses at http://www.businesslicenses.com/.

About Business Licenses LLC:
Business Licenses, LLC develops and markets Web-based ASP software to automate business licensing. The company employs over 50 people, who excel in state and local government research, licensing law, software, Web development, and customer service. The founders of our company David Polatseck, President and Abe Brach, Vice President, have extensive and illustrious backgrounds in creating software to automate state and local government compliance. In their last venture David & Abe have created the distinguished line of sales tax software known as ZIPsales(r), ZIPcomm(r), and ZIPutil(r). These systems automate sales tax compliance for many of the Fortune 500 companies, supplying them with sales tax systems, data, and forms. The entire line has been bought by the leading tax publisher in the U.S., CCH INCORPORATED, a Wolters Kluwer company. Through years of research and development they have been able to create a huge repository of license & permit data, amassing license & permit information from thousands of licensing authorities across the entire U.S.

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