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Connecting Moms & Dads With ParentsRPeople.com

JANUARY 12 2009

Social networking sites is the latest craze on the internet, while motherhood and fatherhood is one of the oldest crazes in history. That is why bridging the two by creating a social networking site for mothers and fathers to use in every day life of a parent, simply makes sense. Parents R People is an online community that enables parents to connect via social networking tools, such as blogs, forums, groups and much more.

In addition, the site enables professionals to offer their services to parents that can be helped by such offerings. Adding the professional angle gives parents trusted and expert advice on topics from taxes to therapy. The Ask a Pro section allows registered members ask questions of all kinds to professionals with credentials to answer those questions. Afraid to ask questions? No problem, just browse the top questions, top professional profiles, the professional parenting articles or pro blogs to find your answer within the wealth of topics already asked and answered. Or just search the parenting professional directory and contact that professional one-on-one. Finally, if you are a professional, sign up to be a Parents R People Pro!

Sometimes professionals are not the way to go and that is where ordinary parents can help other parents. In the parenting groups section, you can participate in both public and private group discussions with parents dealing with the same issues as you are. You can help parents with issues you have dealt with in the past or ask for guidance in areas that you are struggling with. Connecting with parents who have been there and done that, can make the tireless job of parenthood just a bit easier. Parent group categories include:

The site is filled with social features including single parents dating portal, a members photo gallery, baby sister directory, book reviews for parents, career opportunities for parents, tutor directory, business directory and hundreds of quality articles.

Join the parents community now by signing up and giving it a try.

About Parents R People:
Parents R People is a FREE online community for parents, combined with an online community of all types of professionals who are there to promote their business by offering support, advice, and written work to parents and other professionals in the community.

Parents R People was founded by Stacy Schwed and Mark Pellettieri. Stacy and Mark are both parents and business owners. They are well aware of all of the needs of mothers and fathers and thought it would be a great idea to provide a service to all parents out there giving them access to the resources they really need to make life just a little bit easier. Being a parent is hard work, especially when you work hard to give your children everything. This site was designed for all of you superparents who need to relax and understand that you are human…and a little support goes a long way!

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