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E-Commerce Checkout Process Re-Designed for Freshpair.com

MARCH 7 2003

RustyBrick redesigned the Freshpair.com checkout and customer service sections to help improve sales and customer satisfaction. One of the substantial differences you will find in the new checkout process include the ability to place an order without registering with the site. You no longer require a username or password to place an order or track your order.

We also streamlined the checkout process into four easy steps; shipping and billing information, shipment and payment methods, order summary and review, and order completion. Hitting the back button does not erase all the data you previously entered, nor does closing the window. Previous registered customers do have the option to sign in to expedite the checkout process, if they choose. Order tracking is done either through logging into the "my account" section or by providing an order number and zip code. Freshpair.com has noticed a decrease in abandoned shopping carts and an increase in sales.

RustyBrick re-designed the Freshpair.com checkout process to:
  • Increase the number of orders
  • Reduce the amount of abandoned shopping carts
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce any confusion with passwords and usernames

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