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EMA.NET - First .NET Application

FEBRUARY 17 2003

RustyBrick as Emergency Medical Associates's (EMA) technology integrators are working together to help EMA increase their competitive advantage by using the Internet to enable software applications to more easily work together and extend their business operations. For example, EMA can and will greatly decrease the costs involved with providing over-the-phone support by giving end users the "self-service" tools to obtain the information 24/7. The technology backing EMA is Microsoft .NET - .NET offers businesses the opportunity to increase operating profits, decrease costs, and connect with customers and employees. .NET is software that connects information, people, systems and devices through the use of XML Web services. Web services are very small, reusable application components that can be shared seamlessly among Web sites as services.

RustyBrick delivered its first ever .NET enabled application to EMA. The application is to be utilized by the finance department to manage equity and ownership. Based on EMA's rules and policies RustyBrick developed an application that accounts for the acquisition and distribution of company equity. The application was built within the .NET framework and written in C# (Pronounced C-Sharp). It connects to the company database securely through the SOAP protocol. Data is sent seamlessly through the Internet to the company's private extranet for real-time management of ownership.

RustyBrick is proud to be part of Emergency Medical Associates drive to utilize state-of-the-art Web technologies in an effort to become a global leader in their industry.

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