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Free Nuclear Power Plant Detector iPhone & iPad App

APRIL 13 2011

RustyBrick Nuclear Power Plant iPad & iPhone AppSuffern, New York - RustyBrick, Inc. is happy to announce Apple has approved our Nuclear Power Plant Proximity detector app today.

The app is designed to show you how close you are to an active nuclear power plant. The app will first attempt to locate your current position and then inform the user how far the closest power plant is to that location.

The app also overlays historical earthquake data, which is highlighted in different colors of yellows, orange and red based on the severity and age of those earthquakes. It also contains fault line data within the United States and plots that on the map as well.

"The app idea came to me when my wife was asking me how close the Indian Point nuclear power plant station is to us," Barry Schwartz, the CEO of RustyBrick, said. " We turned out to be within 10 miles of the facility and it struck me that an app to determine your distance to nearby power plants would be a useful and educational tool," Barry added.

With additional features such as Wikipedia data on each power plant, real time alerts from the International Atomic Energy Agency and helpful tips on what to do in case of an emergency - that app can become a useful tool for those who are concerned of a distaster occurring.

Feature List:

  • Locates Nuclear Power Plants Near You
  • Plots Nuclear Power Plants Globally
  • Displays Historical Earthquake Data On Map
  • Displays Fault Lines within The United States
  • Contains Wikipedia Data on Each Nuclear Power Plant
  • Alerts from the International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Information and shopping information in case of emergencies

The app is free for download in the Apple App Store and works universally on all iOS devices running 4.0 or later. Supported devices include iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch hardware devices.

For more information on this app, including a download link, video demonstration, pictures and features, see rustybrick.com/iphone/nuclear-plants.

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