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Hebrew Email iPhone Client

NOVEMBER 25 2008

One of the top requests is to build a Hebrew keyboard. The Hebrew keyboard is not officially supported by Apple yet, so we built one based on an image. Why is this important?

Now, people can type, email and search in Hebrew. Well, kind of at least.

Our first app that supports the hebrew keyboard is a simple app that basically allows you to type an email subject and an email body, in Hebrew, and then sends that data to the native Apple email client.

Here is how it works:

Hebrew Email iPhone App

Gray bar is where you enter in the subject and the white area is the body of the email. There is no spell check or auto complete. :)

When you are ready, you hit "Send to Mail" and it puts that content directly in the Mail application on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Hebrew Email iPhone App

If you want to add English or numbers to the email, here is where you do it.

There are Hebrew keyboards for the iPhone but only through Jailbreaking your iPhone.

Now, if Apple approves this, then this should be the first Hebrew keyboard approved for the iPhone. In addition, it gives us tons of possibilities for other apps. Such as a way to search tanach, and other jewish texts. It also gives us the ability to create more interactive Jewish and Hebrew apps.

Very excited to get this live. We posted this tonight to Apple for 99 cents. Again, this app is more of a test to see if Apple will approve it and if so, we can take it from there.

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