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Introducing: iPhone Shabbat Shalom Application


Update: This is now live and can be downloaded for free. More details over here.

שבת or Shabbos or Shabbat is the every Friday night through Saturday night. It is basically the time Jewish people don't do work, we pray, learn, eat and sleep. Shabbos starts and ends at very specific times and it is important that we don't do work related activities on Shabbos, so knowing the time we need to stop working is important.

In addition, knowing not to call someone on Shabbos is important. So if you have your in-laws in St. Louis, like I do, I know that they end Shabbos later than I do, but at what time exactly, would take time to look up.

So, we decided to make an iPhone App, similar to Yahoo's iPhone Weather App, that tells you the time for Shabbos anywhere. This way you can scroll from page to page, to find out what time Shabbos is here, or in St. Louis or in Jerusalem or anywhere.

Here are some screen captures of what we are calling the Shabbat Shalom iPhone App:

Starter Screen:
Shabbat שבת iPhone App

Times Screen that shows the location, Jewish date in English and Hebrew, the local time, the parsha, candle lighting (configurable), Havdalah (configurable), R' Tam Havdalah, next week's candle lighting and parsha (smaller):
Shabbos שבת iPhone App

Clicking on the "i" at the bottom will open up the edit screen. Right here you can add, edit, delete and reorder the pages you have on this app:

Shabbos שבת iPhone App

Adding a location looks like this:

(1) Search for your location and...
Shabbos שבת iPhone App

(2) It populates the information, which you can override:

Shabbos שבת iPhone App

Flip away....

Shabbos שבת iPhone App

I will personally find this very useful and hopefully the Jewish community will also.

Oh, the price is free (it is a promo product for the Siddur) and you can sign up to be notified when it is available over at the Shabbat Shalom iPhone App page.

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