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Introducing iPhone Bleeper by RustyBrick

NOVEMBER 19 2009

Last night, our latest crazy iPhone app was approved. It is named Bleeper and all it does is allow you to record yourself and click on the "bleep" icon to play that bleep sound. Yea, kind of funny and pointless - but perfect as an iPhone App, don't you think?

The neat part is you can share you "bleeps" on Twitter, Facebook or via email. That is where it can get fun. Let me take you through the app, step by step.

Here is the main screen. You basically click "record" start talking and then click the "bleep" icon in the middle to make the bleep sound where you want. When you are done, hit the "stop" icon (which is what the record button turns into after you hit record):

iPhone Bleeper

When you are done, you can hit "play" to listen to your most recent recording. If you are happy with it, hit "share" and you are given three options. Share on Twitter, Facebook or E-Mail.

iPhone Bleeper

Sharing on Twitter requires you to enter your username, password and a short message to be sent in your Tweet.

iPhone Bleeper

Then you hit share and it sends it:

iPhone Bleeper

You can then access all public Tweets from Bleeper by clicking on the Tweets icon:

iPhone Bleeper

Clicking on the arrow on the right of the shared Tweets plays the audio right in your phone using the movie app:

iPhone Bleeper

If you listen to the Tweet in the timeline on Twitter.com, such as displayed here:

iPhone Bleeper on Twitter

If you play it from here, on your desktop, it takes you here:

iPhone Bleeper TWAUDIO

How about Facebook? We use Facebook Connect to send a status update to your Facebook profile.

iPhone Bleeper

Type in a message:

iPhone Bleeper

Hit Publish:

iPhone Bleeper

It is then shown on your Facebook profile page:

iPhone Bleeper on Facebook

With a little audio player:

iPhone Bleeper on Facebook

Sharing it via E-Mail basically attaches the wav file to your outgoing email:

iPhone Bleeper

That is basically how Bleeper works. You can download it for free on iTunes now.

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