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Locking in Gas Prices with GasLimit

JUNE 18 2007

GasLimit and RustyBrick worked together to provide a one-of-a-kind product that helps drivers nationwide protect themselves when buying fuel for their automobiles or trucks by setting a price protection cap. GasLimit allows businesses and individuals to manage future gasoline costs using a price protection product. If gas prices rise above the protection cap during the course of a term of the agreement between customer and GasLimit, GasLimit will credit the customer with the difference.

Using sophisticated algorithms with large data sets on the backend, including information about industry averages of gas prices, information about a particular car and its mileage consumption, and gas station data, GasLimit can determine the published price and the customer's weekly average fuel requirement volume. A sample transaction has been provided.

When you sign up to GasLimit for the first time, you provide a zip code where you most frequently fill your car up with gas. You then select your year, model, and make of vehicle and GasLimit polls the database to determine how many miles are driven per gallon. It then provides drivers with a package protection plan - all you pay to activate the account is a small per gallon fee, generally in the 10 – 15¢ per gallon range. If the weekly price of gasoline exceeds the amount you pay, you will receive the difference.

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