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Move In Style With CityMove.com

APRIL 20 2009

Moving is typically not something people look forward to. The hassle of packing everything up, hiring a moving company to transport the items and then putting everything away in the new residence is often very tiring. CityMove is a site that aims to make one step of the process just a bit easier. CityMove helps you find a mover, to help you make that transition from your old home to your new one.

CityMove allows customers to enter their move details, which movers can then respond to. The system is a reverse auction model, which allows customers to select a mover based on criteria such as price, reviews, and reputation. The web site takes movers through a simple four step process to find and accept a mover, and finally review the mover. A nice graphical interface takes the mover through basic questions such as size of the move and destination of the old residence and new. There are even ways to specify your rate preference, i.e. flat, hourly or open rate bids.

CityMove has revolutionized the bidding process for moving jobs. Check it out today at CityMove.com.

About CityMove.com:
CityMove is an innovative reverse auction website, where customers can enter their job information and let the movers bid on their jobs. Customers can then choose a mover based on price and past reviews.

By allowing customers to view previously entered jobs, customers can get an idea of what their job will look like on CityMove, what information will be seen by the movers, and how much they can expect to pay. Movers benefit from our thorough job entry system that provides them jobs with comprehensive details, which enables them to accurately determine their price.

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