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Our First Google Glass App: Marketing Land Glass App

JULY 23 2013

Glass  App LogoWest Nyack, New York - RustyBrick, Inc. officially published their first app for Google Glass. The app was designed for Marketing Land, a Internet marketing news site, to push breaking stories to Google Glass users on digital marketing topics.

The app, as announced at Marketing Land, allows Google Glass users to subscribe to topics of news to be pushed to their Glass "timeline." As news comes in, a notification card will be sent to the user's Glass timeline with a bundle of stories. The Glass user can dive into the story bundle and skim the headlines. The user can also dig deeper into the story by tapping and reading the whole story on Glass. The story can even be read to you via Glass's "Read Aloud" function.

If you are a Google Glass owner, you can access this at glass.marketingland.com.

For the rest of you, here are screen shots of how it works:

(1) Click on the "Connect to Glass" link to begin the process of pushing Marketing Land content to your Google Glass.

Glass  App Marketing Land - Connect

(2) Authorize the app with your Glass Google Account:

Glass  App Marketing Land - Authorize

(3) Select the channels of topics you want to subscribe to (all or some):

Glass  App Marketing Land - Channels

(4) Wait for new stories to be pushed to your Google Glass device.

When a new story is pushed to Glass, you will hear a Glass notification in your ear. You will then see the Marketing Land bundle that shows the number of stories included in the bundle and how long ago that bundle was pushed to your device.

Glass  App Marketing Land - Stories

To see those story headlines, tap on Glass and you will then be shown the first story. It will show you a story image, headline, author and how long ago the story was published:

Glass  App Marketing Land - Story Bundle

You can then tap into the story to read the story. Scroll through the pages (known as cards) to read the whole story card by card.

Glass  App Marketing Land - Story Details

Finally, if you don't want to read it yourself, have Google read it to you.

Glass  App Marketing Land - Read Aloud

Google Glass is extremely new and beta, the Google Glass Mirror API is also being actively built up on by Google. The features are pretty limited right now, but over time that will change.

We have a number of Glass apps coming out in the near future, so keep following us.

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