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Parking Meter for iPhone Now Available


Wanted to let you guys know that we release a new iPhone or iPod Touch app named the iPhone Parking Meter.

It has several features, including a timer countdown, camera snap shots, location notes, GPS tracker, vibration alert (only when app is open), SMS Alert (3rd party fees may apply), some neat graphics and, of course, Maps & Directions integration. Let me explain that if the app is not open, it will not vibrate or yell at you, a limitation of the iPhone App SDK (for good reason).

Here is a walk through:

Set the meter by clicking on "set meter." On this page, you set how much time you have on your meter and you can enter a location note. At the same time, if you allow it and if you have location services on, it will locate your location (as best as possible) and mark it.

iPhone Parking Meter Screen Shots

When you hit "set meter" it will bring you to this page, which shows you the time remaining and blinks green and red (red means your over).

iPhone Parking Meter Screen Shots

iPhone Parking Meter Screen Shots

Note, the "View Map" words will link you to the Maps application, with the destination point being set at the coordinate defined when you clicked the set timer.

We did add reminders in, with some limitations. You can set an email reminder or a on phone reminder. If your phone supports SMS to emails, like yournumber@txt.att.net, then you can use that but clearly, text messages may cost money...

iPhone Parking Meter Screen Shots

We also added an on app alert that will vibrate and play a sound, but it only will work when the application is open. Apple doesn't allow you to trigger alerts when your not in that application. I assume they dont allow it because it can cause issues with other applications and give a hacker a way into your phone - somehow.

iPhone Parking Meter Screen Shots

Finally, what I mostly always do is snap a picture of where I parked or jot it down. Snapping a picture of a street sign or a parking garage sign, always helps me locate my car, especially if I go away for a few days.

iPhone Parking Meter Screen Shots

The application is not yet on the iTunes App store, but we submitted it a few days ago. So if you want to be notified when it goes live, go to iPhone Parking Meter page and fill in your email address.

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