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Product Placement Ads Come To User Generated Videos Via Storybids

MAY 5 2008

Storybids.com is a new online service that enables video producers to better monetize their videos through product placement advertising. Storybids bridges the video content creator to advertisers looking to promote their products and services in viral videos. For more on how Storybids exactly works, click here.

RustyBrick is responsible for building out the core backend and frontend technologies for the software. We built an easy to use auction house system that enables publishers to upload their videos or storyboards for bidding by advertisers - or vis versa. The marketplace features a bidding mechanism, video upload software, video distribution, video statistics and community commenting.

About Storybids:
Storybids, Inc. is a venture capital funded start up based in Irvine, CA focusing on in-video advertisement via product placement in user generated content as well as professionally scripted webisodes. Storybids offers a new way to monetize video by inserting actual product, services or verbal mentions pre-production before a video goes viral. The videos uploaded via content creators may be uploaded to multiple video hosting sites at once and then tracked via analytics for performance via their dashboard. Advertisers may select video content creators in the marketplace via a search tool that tracks views, comments and ratings across multiple video hosting sites. Online at www.storybids.com.

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