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QuickBooks Real-Time Integration a Success

MAY 20 2003

RustyBrick is in the business of streamlining businesses through the use of Web technologies. We are proud to announce that we have taken this to the next level by connecting a client's custom-built Web application with QuickBooks 2003 in real-time mode. In the past we have written many scripts that automated some of the back and forth dealings between the Web applications we build and client's 3rd party applications. Today, with the technology available, we have successfully integrated the QuickBooks? data with the Web application's data in real-time. You no longer have to do double entries, or settle for the error prone process of leaving your 3rd party applications for a Web based solution. RustyBrick can integrate with most well known 3rd party applications.

Without 3rd party integration you have reenter you data more than once. For example, you have a customer place an order online, you must then take that order and enter it into your accounting system. You also have a product database on your Web site, which must stay in sync with your offline product database. Without some type of integration between the two or more applications, you are subject to high inefficiencies, leading to unhappy employees and less profits.

With 3rd party integration we can send online orders directly into your accounting system. We can synchronize your product database from the Web to your offline applications. We can synchronize your customer database with your contact management systems, Web database, accounting systems and more.

Learn more at the Web Strategy Page or by calling 877-GO-RUSTY (in NY: 845-369-6869).

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