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RB Teams Up With GoDaven.com To Add Synagogue Data to iPhone Siddur

AUGUST 5 2008

We added some more features to the iPhone Siddur. The new feature is a way to find the closest minyan (prayer group) to your current location.

Here is how it works. We uploaded a database of minyainim (shuls and locations of Jewish prayer groups). Then using the iPhone or iPod Touch's localization feature, we find the Minyain that is nearest to you.

Here is a picture of the closest minyainim to my current location, that are found in our database:

iPhone Minyan

Clicking on a result will bring up more information:

iPhone Minyan

If a phone number is available, it will hyperlink the number so you can initiate a call:

iPhone Minyan

Notice also the "View Map" button at the bottom left. Clicking it, will open up the native Google Maps program, plotting the points for this minyan, so you can use Google Maps directions to get there:

iPhone Minyan

The "More Info" button will link you to the GoDaven web site, for this result, it takes you over here. GoDaven will likely have more information on the result, in case you need it.

Also, for those Sefardic / Edut Mizrach Jews, we finished adding the text for your prayers. Here is a preview of the available "Nusachs."

iPhone Siddur Nusach

Note, everything mentioned here will be a free release to all those who purchase the iPhone Siddur. Note, we are currently waiting for contract approval, although the application itself was approved. Was we get legal approval, then the application will go live. We will then release a new version that must be approved by Apple again, and when it is live, you will automatically be notified of the update.

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