RSS & XML feeds are ruling the Web these days. RustyBrick has decided to join the wave of RSS and XML feeds out there by adding RSS 2.0 support to our RustyBrick News Section. How does this benefit you? (1) This will encourage us to keep the news section more up-to-date. (2) You no longer have to repeatedly come back to this page to check for updates, just "subscribe" to this page with your favorite RSS reader (we recommend Subscribing with Bloglines or use the RSS 2.0 Feed). (3) The news section will be more accessible to news channels, press centers, search engines and the general public.

RSS & XML is far from new for RustyBrick. In terms of content syndication, RustyBrick has been using RSS & XML technology since it has come out. Some RustyBrick operated or affiliated RSS Feeds include: To subscribe to the new RustyBrick News RSS Feed use the RSS 2.0 Feed or Subscribe via Bloglines.
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