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JUNE 11 2007

Rabbi Berel Wein, noted scholar, historian, speaker, and educator, who maintains a storefront with hundreds of books and audio tapes/CDs related to Jewish History, has recently had his e-commerce and informational website redesigned. The notable features include consolidating the Rabbi Wein and Destiny Foundation websites into one single resource (www.rabbiwein.com). This entailed performing hundreds of dynamic search engine friendly URL redirects to ensure that the pages from the old websites/domains are able to be accessed on the new RustyBrick designed website. Also, the URLs are now formatted in a much more search engine friendly format. Together, these features have been implemented to increase conversions and visibility on search engines.

Additionally, the site is driven by a powerful RustyBrick created content management system backend that allows our customers to add additional products with no involvement from RustyBrick. This includes allowing administrators with access to the backend to add Rabbi Wein's MP3 lectures, which can be immediately downloaded by a customer upon purchase. There is also a Wein Press Subscription Management System that allows customers to prepay for Rabbi Wein's Jewish History/Israel newsletter.

Visit Rabbi Wein's brand new website: www.rabbiwein.com

About Rabbi Berel Wein
Rabbi Berel Wein is a noted scholar, historian, speaker and educator who is admired the world over for his books and cassette tapes -- particularly on Jewish History. RabbiWein.com is the ultimate source for your Jewish History, Jewish Education, and Torah needs. Rabbi Wein has created hundreds of Torah Tapes, CD's, and Books. You will find information on all categories of Jewish history, including the History of Israel , History of Jerusalem, History of the Holocaust, Jewish biographies and much much more.

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