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Ready For Download: The ArtScroll Digital Library!

JULY 30 2012

ArtScroll Digital Library App IconSuffern, New York - ArtScroll Mesorah Publications and RustyBrick is pleased to announce the ArtScroll Digital Library is now available for download in the Apple iTunes App Store.

This much anticipated Talmud App has been the talk of the Jewish community for almost six months. After several months of development and countless lines of code, the Schottenstein English Talmud is now available in digital format for Apple iPad users.

The ArtScroll Digital Library - Featuring the Schottenstein English Talmud a Wasserman Digital Initiative - is a revolutionary new way to study the Talmud! Ground breaking technology enhances the best selling Schottenstein Talmud - and will allow you to study the Talmud in ways never before possible.

New features like Page-Syncing, Place Tracking, Page Fusion, Floating-translation, Quick-Scroll, resizable text, automatic-delivery, subscriptions - will transform your learning experience!

Features have been added for all types of Talmud students from beginner (English Only Translation) to the advanced (Enhancements to the vilna page)

"Working on this app with ArtScroll may be one of the most meaningful projects we have worked on in a long time," said Barry Schwartz, the CEO of RustyBrick. He added, "taking 2,000 years of content and bringing it to life through Apple technology will change the lives of so many people. This will change how adults and children learn; it is really a revolution in the Jewish world. The most exciting part, this first release is just the beginning. What we have planned for future releases will amaze you."

Ronnie Schwartz, RustyBrick's CTO said "RustyBrick's designers, developers, security engineers and system admin's really went all out on this app." "Mayer Pasternak and the entire ArtScroll Technology Team really did a fantastic job describing the entire Talmud and it's interlinkages into the XML structure we use in the app," Ronnie added. In terms of the complexity of the project, Ronnie explained "there were so many parts of the puzzle that made this a truly extraordinary challenge: Usability, Typography, Security, Web Services, Cloud Infrastructure, Localization and of course Torah!"

Feature List:

  • Learn anywhere even without being connected to the internet for daily use
  • You Automatically get the first 7 Blatt/Daf of Berachos when you install this free app.
Multiple Views:
  • Study in the same familiar format as the printed edition
  • Full Screen Translation or Vilna Crystal Clear Views
  • Split Screen Translation and Vilna View
  • New English Only Translation view
  • New Hebrew Only Schottenstein View
  • Reflowable Vilna text with regular block letters
  • Dynamic Grey Bar shows you the section being translated
  • Innovative Place Tracking - shows you the exact place on the opposite page - so you will never lose your place and immediately know where you are up to
  • The new Hybrid page will allow you to study directly on the Vilna page - with popups that can be configured to show you the translation, notes right on the Vilna page!
  • Resize Text to 250% and Zoom in on the Vilna side
Purchasing Options:
  • Buy a complete volume
  • Buy a single daf - only need one page on the run or for school buy single sets of pages i.e. 2a-2b
  • Daf Yomi Purchase Subscription - sign up to get automatic access to that month's Daf Yomi content and have the pages added to your library forever!
  • Subscription automatically renews every month. No need to go back to the store!
  • 30 Days of Daf Yomi content is downloaded automatically when you launch the app
  • Only $11.99 a month
Vilna Page Enhancements:
  • Click on any phrase and the corresponding Rashi, Tosafos, and Musaf Rashi, Ein Mishpat, Mesores Hashas and more highlight
  • Click on a Rashi and it will show you the place in the text
  • Popovers can be configured to show you all the Rashi, Tosafos, and Musaf Rashi, Ein Mishpat, Mesores Hashas that are related to that phrase
General Enhancements:
  • Looks just like the printed book including the binding - so you can see if you are on the Side a or b. You can even turn the binding off if you like
  • Statement types - now you can show if each section is a Statement, Question, Answer, Inquiry or Proof to help you better understand the logical flow
  • New Sugeya Marks
  • Daf Yomi Calander
  • iPad (iPhone and iPod Touch will be released in future updates) - we recommend iPad 2 or the New iPad due to the intense processing requirements for the interactive Vilna page
  • The entire Talmud when complete will fit in under 3 Gig so any iPad will work
  • An Apple ID is required to get additional content
  • Downloads and Automatic updates require an active wi-fi or cellular data connection

Screen Shots:

ArtScroll Digital Library Splash Screen

Additional Screen Shots As A Slide Show:

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