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RustyBrick's First Palm Pre App Now Available

AUGUST 20 2009

Tonight, Palm has officially approved our first Palm Pre application. It is now available under the name Shabbat Shalom in the Palm App Catalog on your Pre device.

In fact, the official Palm Blog has announced the application as a great app to help you get ready for the weekend. In short, this application is a replica of the popular Shabbat Shalomg for the iPhone where you can find local Shabbos times for any location in the world. How is this helpful? If you want to call your friend who lives across the world, knowing when they start and end Shabbat and what the local time is, helps you know when they can answer the phone.

You can learn more information about our first approved Palm Pre app at the Shabbat Shalom Palm Pre page. Or you can download it by searching for Shabbat Shalom in the Pre App Catalog.

Here is a sample picture of the app:
Shabbat Shalom for Pre

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