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RustyBrick Presents SEO Count, Keyword Position Tool

JULY 30 2003

SEO Count is a Web based Google™ search engine positioning and ranking reporting tool. SEO Count allows you to easily create reports and run them over and over again. Each run can then be analyzed against each other. This enables you to easily review your progress over time and see where you need improvement. SEO Count - Google Keyword Reporting Tool

SEO Count uses the Google™ Web API and complies under the Google™ TOC. This is the only product of its kind that utilizes the Google Web API. Not only does using the Google Web API speed your reporting needs, it also ensures that you comply with the Google Quality Guidelines. Other popular products that have a similar function come with the risk of banning your site from the Google index.

SEO Count has the following features:
  • Track Keywords
  • Track URLs
  • Compare from Report to Report
  • Watch Progress Over Time
  • Analyze History
  • Simple and Quick Reporting
  • Rank Well!

Visit SEO Count at: http://www.seocount.com/.

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