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Service Awards Application: Human Resources Tool

JUNE 30 2003

Siegel's Gifts of Chatham, NJ came to RustyBrick to build a Web based solution to manage, deliver, inform and store company service award programs. A service award is a program many companies run to provide a token of gratitude, normally in the form of a gift, based on the number of years an individual worked at a particular company. The application was built download a companyís human resource database and process the service award logic. The logic is fairly simple, to provide different Web-based catalogs of specified gift options based on the number of years an employee worked at the organization. The application is built to import an HR database, parse the data to send out automated emails based on award eligibility, display the specified gifts to the award recipient and process the order fulfillment from the receipt to delivery.

The service awards application is powerful enough to handle all types of rules in regards to when the different types of email notifications should be sent. As well as which reward options should go out, to whom they should be sent to and when/how often they should be sent out. The power and flexibility of this robust but simplistic Web based application will provide the tools necessary for Siegelís Gifts to offer a level of service above and beyond its competitors.

For more information on Siegelís Gifts, please visit their corporate Web site at: http://www. siegelsgifts.com/

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