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Sharky Awards : For The Sharkiest People, Places & Things

NOVEMBER 16 2011

Sharky Awards logoToday, we helped launch the Sharky Awards for the world's largest online travel network, Travel Shark.

As the press release states, the awards are "designed to recognize the freshest, most unique travel experiences across the globe." They are awarded for people, places and things:

    People: People who win a Sharky Award perform an amazing service for travelers. We raise a fin to the people who make us emote at the heart embellished in our latte foam, who make Atlas look like a slacker, who act as our guide on a life-changing experience, and who make us seriously consider leaving our lives behind to become permanent tourists.
  • Places: Sharky places are bold, funky, and more than a little off-beat. Sure, you can recommend these spots to your mother if your mother' writes avant-garde haiku and teaches hula dancing in her spare time. The Sharky Awards drop a pin on the must-see destinations that turn a trip into an odyssey. If you know what we mean.
  • Things: If you whip out your camera phone while on vacation--and you're not taking a picture of your kids or your third-degree sunburn you may have spotted a Shark! Sharky things make travelers stop in their tracks, pinch themselves, and possibly cry tiny tears of joy. Sharky Awards give a shout-out to the little things that turn an ordinary trip into a life-changing revelation. Or at least a pretty good story for your next Toastmasters meeting.

Feel free to nominate a person, thing or place for the award and see the winners over here.

About TravelShark:
TravelShark is the world's largest online travel network, with more than 12,000 location-based travel websites for destinations around the globe. TravelShark's optimized websites facilitate transactions from more than 100 countries, generating profitable revenue for travel companies by driving direct bookings to hotels, resorts, spas, and more through its Featured Hotel Program. The TravelShark network includes major-market, content-rich sites like www.LasVegasHotels.com, www.SingaporeHotels.com and www.HotelLondon.com. TravelShark is headquartered in Singapore, with a U.S. office in Boulder, Colorado. To learn more about how TravelShark can work for your property or travel company, please visit www.travelshark.com, call toll-free 866-308-7265 or +1-720-239-1285.

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