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StepsAway App For AA Meetings

JULY 12 2009

StepsAway AppThis app, designed for a RustyBrick client, was built to help AA members locate AA meetings in their area.

Looking for an AA meeting? Need to find the next meeting or closest meeting to your location? Need to contact the nearest intergroup, but have no clue where or how to reach them?

Steps Away is a must have app for anyone in the 12 Step community. Finally, an app that locates your current location, and directs you to the nearest meeting!

For those struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs, 12 step fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and numerous others, are critical safe havens for recovery.

When you're in a rush, and need to catch a meeting, bulky schedules aren't always on hand, and the info is often tedious and hard to follow. With Steps Away, you will easily locate the closest safe haven for recovery!

Steps Away also includes a "contacts" tab which allows you to store fellowship numbers, such as sponsors and/or sponsees, homegroup members, meeting chairs, etc. - all within this "anonymous" app (separate from your other contacts). And you can easily import these contacts from your existing contacts, so you won't have to rewrite all of your fellowship numbers from scratch!

There is even a "password-protection" option for this app which allows you to lock the app from outsiders, via your own personal pin # - in the spirit of "anonymity."

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