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Tefilla Pack Comes to iPhone

AUGUST 20 2008

iPhone / iPod Touch Tefilla PackWhy not, we just released a fairly comprehensive iPhone Tefilla Pack for the iPhone and/or iPod Touch. It basically has a collection of popular prayers (tefillas) and 'segulos' that Jews say. Yes, we have three version; Nusach Ashkenaz, Sefard, or Edut Mizrach. How much? Only $1.99.

Here is what is included:

  • Perek Shira (פרק שירה)
  • Shir HaShirim (שיר השירים)
  • Nishmas (נשמת כל חי)
  • Iggeres HaRamban (אגרת הרמב"ן)
  • Tefilas HaShlah (תפילת השל"ה)
  • Parshas HaMann (פרשת המן)
  • Parshas HaKetores (פרשת הקטורת)
  • Tefila for Parnasa (תפילת על הפרנסה)
  • Segula for Finding Lost Object (סגולה למציאת אבידה)
  • Birkas HaMazon (ברכת המזון)
  • Birkas Me'ayn Shalosh (ברכה מעין שלוש)
  • Borei Nefashos (בורא נפשות)
  • Tefilas Haderech (תפילת הדרך)

Here are two pictures:

iPhone / iPod Touch Tefilla Pack

iPhone / iPod Touch Tefilla Pack

More information at http://www.rustybrick.com/iphone-tefilla.php and feel free to sign up for notification.

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