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The Smart ArtScroll Wasserman Siddur Now Available For iOS


ArtScroll Digital Library App IconImagine, the ArtScroll Wasserman Siddur on your iPhone or iPad, with all the linkages to your other ArtScroll content, i.e. the Schottenstein Digital Talmud, and the RustyBrick Smart Siddur technology all in one app.

That is now what you can get by download the new ArtScroll Wasserman Siddur on your iOS device!

Even better, RustyBrick Siddur app owners can upgrade for 50% off the cost. The ArtScroll Digital Siddur costs $19.99 but RustyBrick app users can download it for only $9.99. More on how to get the discount below, but first, why should you get this Siddur App if you have the RustyBrick Siddur?

The main reason is the content in ArtScroll's layout. Everyone knows the ArtScroll font, layout and interfaces and having it on your iOS device just makes it even more beautiful. In addition, imagine being able to click on a footnote in your Siddur and having the Talmud app come up to the exact location in the Gemera. The clickable English overlays, the clickable laws for the day and all of the weekday ArtScroll content all in the palm of your hand - and all with the RustyBrick Smart Siddur technology, so it shows you what you should pray for that day and at that time - what else can you ask for?

Here is an image of the interface:

Artscroll Siddur App Features

Features Include:

  • ArtScroll's classic, beloved look and feel: the fonts, layout, and nikud of the ArtScroll Wasserman Siddur
  • Tap on a phrase and you get the ArtScroll translation, commentary, and laws
  • Enlarge the font size - and still keep the classic ArtScroll format
  • Includes weekday Torah readings with phrase-by-phrase translation
  • The Search function allows you to find any phrase in the Siddur
  • Put in personal notes, highlight text and Bookmarks
  • Set location to Eretz Yisrael and receive the appropriate tefillos and minhagim
  • and more...

Artscroll Siddur

How Do I Upgrade for $9.99?

Open The ArtScroll app on your iOS device, if you do not have it, download the app for free, then go to the Store in the app menu, click on the Siddur and click on the gold button on the right.

If you have the latest version of the RustyBrick Siddur, then you get it for $9.99. So that means, if you want both for the $19.99, first download the RustyBrick Siddur on your device, then go to the ArtScroll app and download the Siddur there in the store and get both for the $19.99 price (each is $9.99 when you go through the RustyBrick Siddur).

The Android version should be available within the next few months.

About RustyBrick:
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