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The iPhone Breathalyzer

JANUARY 14 2009

It is possible for the iPhone to become a Breathalyzer? Well - not yet, but we can fake it.

We recently built, under the IntuApps brand, the Breathalyzer Test for the iPhone. It is basically a really life like hoax. This is how it works.

Step 1: Set the hoax on your friend, so set how drunk you want them to be. It has a random setting also... Hit Done.

Breathalzer iPhone App

Step 2: Give the iPhone to your friend and tell him to hit the green blinking button in the middle of the device and then breath a slow, steady blow into the microphone.

Breathalzer iPhone App

Step 3: The results will come back with what you set and your friend will laugh.

Breathalzer iPhone App

If your friend does not breath for a steady 3 seconds, it will return a fail message:

Breathalzer iPhone App

Just press the green button again to start the test again.

This has sound effects, it really detects breathing and it is really convincing.

There is another test like this out there now (launched the same day) but it doesn't detect breathing in the mic, it doesn't have sound effects either.

Get it for 99 cents at iTunes.

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