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Torah Shiurim Available at iShiur.com

JULY 18 2007

iShiur is one of our recent website launches that incorporates learning Torah and the ability to listen to a variety of lectures or Shiurim online or offline.

With nearly 1,500 lectures by variety of esteemed speakers in the area of Jewish law and history the task of finding the right lecture for you can be a daunting one, but iShiur's user interface makes this process both simple and enjoyable. When users join iShiur.com they are given their own iShiur PlayList, a tool that with the help of AJAX allows users to keep track of any shiurim (lecture) that catches their attention while browsing iShiur's constantly growing library. Users can then browse lectures by more than 60 different categories, by speaker, or search by keyword to help find the perfect shiur. Once a user has identified which shiurim are right for them there are two listening options: Play it Now, which allows listeners to hear the lecture while online within the iShiur.com website (for up to seven days), or Download which allows listeners to download the entire lecture to his/her computer or MP3 player.

In order to bring these shiurim to you at the lowest possible cost iShiur uses a token system. While a user can purchase a single shiur, if you purchase tokens in bulk, you are entitled to free tokens. Otherwise, the Play it Now feature is $1.99 (or 2 tokens) and the Download Now feature is $3.99 (or 4 tokens).

New to Torah, or not sure quite what to listen to? iShiur also has suggested play lists that designed specifically with you in mind. There are also subscription packages that will keep you up to date with the latest shiurim from some of your favorite lecturers.

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